Elizabeth Kemp is the founder and publisher of the wellness blog litetherapy.org.

After studying Journalism and earning an MBA, she led a successful career in high-tech Public Relations and Marketing Communications. Elizabeth then decided to follow her passion for the ultimate product launch, becoming a full-time mom to two amazing daughters.

Through it all, she has learned the value of exchanging helpful ideas and information to make life a little brighter. She created litetherapy.org in 2016 as a forum for sharing wellness insights – to ultimately help others around the world spark joy in their own lives. Her insights can also be found on the popular website project happiness.org as a guest blogger.

Elizabeth loves to laugh and has a positive attitude (most of the time). She holds a Science of Well-Being certificate from Yale, and is a certified Agent of Happiness with Project Happiness Global.

She’s currently raising her family, including an adopted Chihuahua mix and a lynx point kitten, in the San Francisco Bay Area with her kind-hearted husband of 29 years.

Muffy copy 2
This is Muffy. She has a positive attitude every day (even after we brought home a kitten).

Follow Elizabeth Kemp on Instagram at litetherapy_org or on Twitter @litetherapy


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