Lessons in Layoff – A Wellness Perspective

During a recent party, I learned of yet another friend out of work. Layoffs are certainly a familiar concept here in Silicon Valley, where the high tech industry is fickle with employment on a good day. Our family has been hit with layoffs over the years too, but this season feels different. We’ve never known so many acquaintances to be unemployed at the same time.

Looking for a new opportunity over the holidays can be challenging no matter where you live, especially at year-end when hiring managers are potentially on vacation or in the middle of an employer-forced shutdown and not returning phone calls or inquiries until the new year (or when headcount budgets are approved).

So now felt like an ideal time to share some lessons learned on coping with the job search process and waiting game until your next amazing opportunity presents itself.

  1. Take time to reflect on your career after a layoff. It’s healthy to begin your job search with intention.
  2. Understand that your next job could very well be the best opportunity you’ve ever had. We’ve seen this happen so get excited!
  3. Establish a “new normal” routine. Rise at an appropriate time during the work week. Looking for a new job has become your new job so treat it as such.
  4. If feeling overwhelmed by the search, try meditating for a few minutes to reset your day. Meditation works, even for a few minutes, and this site is one of my favorites.
  5. If you’re without health insurance, try using the GoodRx app while at a pharmacy to save on prescription costs.
  6. Take frequent breaks. A great one is to spend time with a pet. They appreciate you and would hire you in a second (and without references!)
  7. Share your layoff news with others. Don’t feel ashamed. No family is immune from a layoff. Period.
  8. Network with your peers. Take a call on a walk – the extra steps are a bonus!
  9. Help others with their job search, especially when passing on an opportunity that wasn’t a good fit but could be for a colleague. Kindness is good Karma and will make you feel better.
  10. Do your best to maintain a positive attitude. If you’re struggling in this area, check out litetherapy’s inaugural blog post on how attitude is everything.

Hopefully these tips will help at least one person. And if you’re currently employed but know of someone who could benefit from the above, please pass along this list. In the meantime, cheers to new beginnings⭐️


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